Double-O Duck episode premises (part 2): Mark of the Mole

Early on in the development of what would become Darkwing Duck, the producers gave the show more form by not only compiling a show bible to give writers a better idea of the characters personalities in the Double-O universe, but also to give a sense of what was possible within that universe when it comes to stories. Another way to convey that feeling, is by giving the writers premises for stories that would work for the story editor and producers.

Below is one of those premises that was written for the original show. Some style elements will be quite familiar, so enjoy this early look into the show!

Darkwing Duck 25th Birthday Celebration: Double-O Duck Bible (part 1)

…of course I’m not talking about Drake Mallard’s Birthday, but the show that debuted on September 7, 1991 on “The ‘Darkwing Duck’ Premiere and Back to School With ‘The Mickey Mouse Club'” special that aired in syndication.


Before “the danger that flaps in the night” premiered on television, the show spent two years in development and production. As most fans know, the show started out under another name: “Double-O Duck”, which had all the basics of the show that would become Darkwing Duck, but in its early stages it would have a few changes from the show that went on the air. After pitching a show and getting a green light to go ahead, the producer would write a series bible that would define the characters and world that would make up the Darkwing Duck universe.

To celebrate the Birthday of the show with all of you, I’ll post a preliminary version of the Double-O Duck bible in two parts over the weekend.

Disclaimer: this is not the final bible, since the show would have some changes and the renaming that followed. This is one of the earliest versions that was sent around in the studio to collect feedback from other Disney Television Animation employees for feedback. Enjoy!


Return this Sunday for the second part of the Double-O Duck show bible.