DuckTales: Background Studies (part 1)

Below are some background studies done by Paro Hozumi, who would be credited on the show as the key background stylist.

The selected backgrounds feature a detailed view of the McDuck estate. Feel free to check the source images, since they’re gorgeous. The posted images are 2400 dpi, so they might take some time to load if you’re on a slower line, but they are worth it!


DT02_Moneybin DT03_MusicRoom DT04_Libary DT05_Hallway DT06_Basement


1 comment for “DuckTales: Background Studies (part 1)

  1. Andy
    April 26, 2016 at 9:54 pm

    Were these actually used in the show?

    Looking forward to more shots of the City of Duckburgh headed by the Money Bin. I’d like to use such a pic as my desktop background.

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