Darkwing “Double-O” Duck (part 2)

A few days ago I posted the original memo for the search for a new name for Double-O Duck. This is what I wrote:

While most Disney Television Animation (DTA) shows have a rich development history, one of the most talked ‘famous moments in DTA history’ is without a doubt the development of Darkwing Duck and his earlier incarnation as Double-O Duck. While this topic has been discussed before online in multiple fan fora and blogs, it still speaks to the imagination on how Darkwing finally got his name.

…and what the alternatives might have been!

Fans of the show might already know who won the contest, but for just to make sure:

OODPage1 OODPage2 OODPage3 OODPage4

OODPage5 OODPage6 OODPage7 OODPage8 OODPage9 OODPage10 OODPage11 OODPage12 OODPage13 OODPage14 OODPage15 OODPage16 OODPage17

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