Goof Troop: early animal designs

After a few weeks of posting and still no Goof Troop? Shame on me!

Early on in development, the artists developing the show decided a family needed a pet. In case of Goof Troop, Pete’s household got Chainsaw the dog and Goof and Max have Waffles the cat. Recently found sketches give us a better idea what the creators envisioned at first and changed around when the show aired. During my interviews I was told that Waffles started out with another name, but I’m glad I’m able to show you a more visual representation.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… Velcrow.


…of course Chainsaw went through some changes as well. What ended up a this cute doggy…

Chainsaw…started out like this:


Studio Gag Drawing

In a creative environment where gags fly around on a daily basis, many artists took it to themselves to entertain their co-workers. I removed the name of the artist because he is still working in the business. He can come out for his contribution in the comments if he wants to.