Double-O Duck episode premises (part 1): The Cuckoo Has Landed

Early on in the development of what would become Darkwing Duck, the producers gave the show more form by not only compiling a show bible to give writers a better idea of the characters personalities in the Double-O universe, but also to give a sense of what was possible within that universe when it comes to stories. Another way to convey that feeling, is by giving the writers premises for stories that would work for the story editor and producers.

Below is one of those premises that was written for the original show. Some style elements will be quite familiar, so enjoy this early look into the show!

A Goofy Movie: Song Demos (part 2)

This cooperation between Disney Movietoons and Disney Feature Animation took almost four years from the original idea (by Jymn Magon) until its release in 1995. After a year a of treatments and script drafts, Tom Snow and Jack Feldman were asked to write songs for the movie. During the writing process it is not unusual to add or remove a song from the story. The songs from this demo (with the first track below this post) were written in the late summer of 1992. The voices are just scratch (temporary) voices done by the songwriters.