A Goofy Movie: Song Demos (part 1)

This cooperation between Disney Movietoons and Disney Feature Animation took almost four years from the original idea (by Jymn Magon) until its release in 1995. After a year a of treatments and script drafts, Tom Snow and Jack Feldman were asked to write songs for the movie. During the writing process it is not unusual to add or remove a song from the story. The songs from this demo (with the first track below this post) were written in the late summer of 1992. The voices are just scratch (temporary) voices done by the songwriters.

More tracks will be posted in the next two weeks.


DuckTales: Background Studies (part 1)

Below are some background studies done by Paro Hozumi, who would be credited on the show as the key background stylist.

The selected backgrounds feature a detailed view of the McDuck estate. Feel free to check the source images, since they’re gorgeous. The posted images are 2400 dpi, so they might take some time to load if you’re on a slower line, but they are worth it!


Saturday Morning Attention Study: Wuzzles and Gummi Bears

The documents below are the results from a Saturday Morning Attention Study, performed by Langbourne Rust Research, Inc. This company started out in 1971, doing data analysis for the Children’s Television Workshop (CTW) for tests that were conducted for new pilots that CTW was launching that year, leading to The Electric Company.

Langbourne Rust Research, Inc would evolve to a research company that would focus on how to reach children, so the three networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) would hire them every autumn from 1977 to 1985 to do diagnostic testing to see how well their show performed with kids, placing them in test groups and showing them the cartoons when they premiered a new season, during the morning on the same day as the broadcast.

The documents describe the used methods and guidelines for the test, followed by the results for Wuzzles, which scored the highest from all shows tested. There are no final results for The Adventures of the Gummi Bears, but the attention charts from the show premiere are included.